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2014: A Year in Review

2014: A Year in Review

As we continue to grow, the team at Total Motor Werkes had our share of successes and challenges throughout 2014.  To prepare for 2015, we wanted to share with you highlights of our fabrication- and lapping-filled 2014.

The Vintage

In May 2014, the Total Motor Werkes team took a trip down to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to attend The Vintage and surround ourselves with vintage BMWs. In spite of the lengthy drive in an E28 with a loud exhaust system, it was an enlightening trip, affording us the opportunity to meet with fellow enthusiasts and feast our eyes on beautiful, well-restored and well-loved BMWs.

Rolling shot of a 1973 BMW 2002tii



Following our successful trip to The Vintage, the Total Motor Werkes team planned our next BMW outing a little closer to home: Tedfest, Mississauga’s BMW gathering. In spite of its proximity, a melted ignition coil in our E28 left it at the shop; however, at the TMW we always make the best out of a bad situation, and the 318ti was brought in its stead. Although we had a difficult start to our day, Tedfest was still a success, giving us the opportunity to meet with local enthusiasts and established clientele, whose passion was infectious!

BMW 325i with M20 Stroker Engine at Tedfest 2014

BMW E30 325i at Tedfest 2014


2014 was a year spent on the track, testing each change to the E28 on both Shannonville’s track and Mosport’s Driver Development Track. kPlayground organized the event at Shannonville, and as always, touge.ca organized spectacular track days at DDT and provided us with these great photos.

klaus ddt 3

E28 535i on the new Mosport DDT track

E28 535i on the new Mosport DDT track

M20 Stroker Project

Our highlights out of the shop wouldn’t be possible without our accomplishments in the shop, and one of our biggest projects in 2014 was the E30 convertible M20 stroker project. Featuring a full built head and 11:1 ratio forged CP pistons, the standard 2.5L became a 2.7L crank.

Following our contribution to this rebuild, this E30 was sent out for a gorgeous paint job to become a completed street monster. It was so well-liked that its photo was featured on the official BMW Instagram!

BMW E30 with M20 Stroker Featured on BMW's Instagram



Inka 2002 Restoration

This year we also completed a meticulous nut and bolt restoration of a 1973 BMW 2002 in the rare Inka colour.

1973 BMW 2002 in Inka


Total Motor Werkes

Total Motor Werkes Fully Restored 2002 Inka Engine Bay


The M2

Although the M2 remains a work in progress, several large advances were made to the project throughout 2014. Utilizing all of our fabrication experience and capabilities, we designed and fabricated an S14 header and an oil pan for the M2, in addition to several smaller jobs on the vehicle.

Total Motor Werkes Custom Fabricated S14 Header

Total Motor Werkes custom fabricated S14 header

Total Motor Werkes Custom Fabricated S14 Oil Pan

Total Motor Werkes Custom Fabricated S14 Oil Pan

The Future

2014 was a year of growth for the shop, hiring new employees as well as installing new equipment. We continued to balance our maintenance with our long-term projects to ensure all of our customers’ satisfaction.

From here we can only grow, and we’re excited to see what 2015 has to offer. We’ll be continuing to offer seasonal promotions catered to our customers’ needs, as well as providing ongoing fabrication projects at the highest levels. We’re eager to return to both The Vintage and Tedfest with a larger fleet of vintage BMWs.

Our in-shop cars will always be an ongoing project, the only limit being our imagination. For the upcoming year we have plans previously unseen in the BMW enthusiast community for two of our cars. Our aforementioned E28, affectionately known around the shop as Klaus, will be receiving new shoes as well as a unique powerplant upgrade for the M30. Over the winter, we will also be developing our street-capable and track-oriented E21, which will be full of surprises. Stay tuned on our Facebook page and website to watch the development of these two vintage BMWs.

Rolling shot of a BMW E28 535i

Total Motor Werkes E21 Track Car

By remaining honest and fair, every employee at Total Motor Werkes takes pride in their work. We strive for meticulousness and perfection with each and every vehicle that comes through the shop doors. Our priority always will be our customers, and providing the highest quality work in everything that we do. For at Total Motor Werkes, we accept nothing short of the best.

Although we post a selection of our best photos on our website, full albums of all of our vehicles as well as daily updates are available on our Facebook page.