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E21 with Upgraded M10 and Weber Carburetors

E21 with Upgraded M10 and Weber Carburetors

The cis fuel injection system that came in late M10 engines was revolutionary in its time. However, in the modern era the system has become antiquated and difficult to service.

On an M10 engine, Weber carburetors are a great upgrade option that improve serviceability and power. They make the engine more responsive and fun to drive, while giving it a satisfying growl.

This 79 320i came to us looking for a refresh and a small power increase. A newer M10 engine from an E30 318i was installed, with new Weber carbs. The camshafts were upgraded to 284 duration cams and a lightweight flywheel was installed. The engine bay was stripped and repainted, and many engine components were replaced or repainted to give the engine area a complete refresh.


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