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N54 Walnut Blasting: Preventative Maintenance with Increased Performance

N54 Walnut Blasting: Preventative Maintenance with Increased Performance

Before & After of a BMW N54 Walnut Blast

What is a Walnut Blast?

BMW’s N54 engine — found in the 2007-2010 135i, 335i, and 535i — is an impressive work of engineering, pumping out over 300 horsepower and up to 332 ft/lbs of torque from a twin-turbo straight-six motor.

The N54 and N55 engines are equipped with direct injection — injecting the fuel directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder — to improve fuel economy. Traditional fuel injection places fuel on the intake valves, cleaning them out in the process. Without having fuel clearing out the intake valves, they become carbonized from exposure to air and blowby gasses from the crankcase breathing circuit containing high amounts of fuel and oil. The result is intake valves that look like this:

Carbonized N54 intake valves before walnut blast

What happens with all this build-up? Less air flow contributes to lower fuel economy and power. If the valves are heavily carbonized they may no longer close properly, and as a result, a bumpy idle, vibrations, and a diminished throttle response may be experienced.

What can you do to prevent this? Seafoaming can’t break through this thick build-up, and removing the valves to soak them in solution is a costly method.

Fear not: Total Motor Werkes now offers walnut blasting for BMW’s N54 and N55 engines! Using pressurized air, the walnut blaster injects fine walnuts shell granules into the intake tract, clearing the carbonization by hitting it at high speeds without risking damaging the metal on the valves. The granules are then sucked out using a shop vac. As a result, the intake valves look brand new:

N54 Intake Valves after a Walnut Blasting Procedure


How often should this be done on my N54 or N55?

It’s recommended that a walnut blast is performed approximately every 60,000kms. If an oil catch can* is installed after the procedure, the interval is reduced to every 120,000kms.

How much does a walnut blast with Total Motor Werkes cost?

The walnut blast procedure, including walnut shell media and replacement intake manifold gaskets, is $815 + tax.

Call us at 905-841-8948 to make a reservation for a walnut blast for your N54 or N55 engine today!



*we recommend installing a Burger Motorsports Oil Catch Can after your walnut blast. Contact us for pricing details for oil catch can installation.