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Summer Parts Sale!

Summer Parts Sale!

Total Motor Werkes is Having a Summer Parts Sale!

  • $20 Off HJC AR-10 III Helmets!

  • $15 Off Mishimoto N54 Oil Catch Cans!

  • $100 Off Eventuri Blue Kevlar N55 Intakes!


The Snell SA2015 approved AR-10 III is the ideal helmet for all types of racing, with an advanced fiberglass composite weave shell and full front-to-back airflow. 

Regular Price: $433 + tax
Sale Price: $413 + tax


Mishimoto’s N54 direct fit billet 6061 aluminum sealed oil catch can separates oil particles using a 50 micron bronze filter. All components are fully serviceable and are covered by Mishimoto’s lifetime warranty. 

Regular Price: $275 + tax
Sale Price: $260 + tax


Designed to fit the F87 M2 / F2x M135i/M235i/335i/435i N55 engines, Eventuri’s Blue Kevlar Intake System demonstrates the perfect balance between allowing for unrestricted airflow with open filter housing and cold air saturation with scoop and duct combination.

Regular Price: $2236 + tax*
Sale Price: $2136 + tax*


*All prices include shipping and are subject to change. Customs charges for Eventuri intake are additional. Payment for all parts required in advance. Customs or any other additional charges required will be paid at pickup prior to release of parts.