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Total Motor Werkes Oil Changes: More Than Just an Oil Change

Total Motor Werkes Oil Changes: More Than Just an Oil Change

Every employee at Total Motor Werkes is an automotive enthusiast, so we appreciate the importance of regular maintenance on your BMW or Mercedes vehicle.

Each vehicle that comes into the shop for an oil change receives much more than just an oil & oil filter replacement.

It’s our standard to perform a visual inspection of vital systems in your vehicle, including your air filters, fluids, and belts.

All of our parts exceed OEM recommendations. All paper elements in our oil filters are German-made, and our oil is rated higher than the OEM equivalent.

Your vehicle will leave cleaner than it arrived. We clean the leaves from your drainage trays to prevent rust, we completely clean your oil filter housing, and everything under the vehicle is washed and degreased to prevent build-up.

We do all this for your vehicle while maintaining a competitive price, because we care.

Oil change prices:

4-cylinders: starting at $113 + tax

6-cylinders: starting at $148 + tax

8-cylinders: starting at $161 + tax

Special pricing applies to M and AMG vehicles. Call for an exact quote or to make a reservation for your oil change today.