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Winter Special

Winter Special

Winter is just around the corner, and with Canadian winters come elements which are harsh on your BMW or Mercedes: snow, ice, and salt. Let us take care of your investment with our winter special! Our winter special includes:

-Swapping your summer tires to winter tires to ensure you have proper grip in the snow and ice (add $55 if the winter tires are not on their own set of rims)

-Coolant pH and pressure test to ensure no vital components will freeze

-Full bumper-to-bumper vehicle inspection of your powertrain, drivetrain, suspension and brakes so you can drive with peace of mind

-Brake fluid moisture test to ensure your brake system is operating optimally (DOT4 fluid only)

Peace of mind only costs you $49.95 + tax.


Do you want to make sure that your BMW or Mercedes doesn’t look like this after winter?:

BMW E39 5-series with rusted quarter panels

One of the most damaging winter elements is salt, eating away at your vehicle’s body and other metal components. Protect your vehicle with our new rustproof oil spray!

We go above and beyond by degreasing the underbody and removing the fender liners before we apply the spray, so every body panel is protected.

Simple spray: $119.95 + tax

Modern sedan/SUV: $239.95 + tax

Take 20% off the price of your oil spray when you combine it with our winter special!