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Total Motor Werkes Winter Storage Tips

Total Motor Werkes Winter Storage Tips

Mercedes in Winter Storage

November is just around the corner, and with it comes time to store our favourite classic and performance cars to protect them from the snow and salt that accompanies harsh winter weather. If you’re an owner of a vehicle driven only in the summer months, Total Motor Werkes is here with a few winter storage tips to ensure your car will be running at its best when it’s ready to roll out of storage.

  1. Invest in a trickle charger. Batteries left alone for the duration of the winter often lose the majority of their power by the time the warmer weather arrives. To ensure your car starts up without issue, either invest in a trickle charger for your battery, or visit the car every few weeks to give it a start and let it run until it’s up to temperature. The computers on some newer BMWs and Mercedes can reset when the battery is removed, so check first if the battery must stay in the vehicle before connecting the charger.
  2. Overinflate your tires. A long period of sitting without moving can cause flat spots in tires. Flat spotted tires can cause vibration during driving. Overinflate your tires before parking the car, or roll the car every few weeks to prevent them. Be sure to check your pressure before driving again in the spring!
  3. Use fuel stabilizer. Utilizing fuel stabilizer prior to storage will prevent your fuel from breaking down over the winter and causing starting issues in the spring. Fuel stabilizer is especially important if your car is equipped with a CIS fuel system. Keep the gas tank as full as possible prior to storage to prevent moisture accumulation inside of the tank.
  4. Use a proper storage facility. Cars are best stored indoors in an environment without excessive moisture. Concrete floors are best to repel excess moisture. If the car must be stored outdoors, a weatherproof car cover is an invaluable investment.
  5. Wash your vehicle. Prior to storage, wash the vehicle and allow it to fully dry. Don’t forget to wash the wheels! If it’s a convertible, put the top up. If you want to fully protect the vehicle, a wax before storage will protect the paint. A car cover will also protect it from harmful elements.
  6. Disengage the parking brake. If the parking brake is left up for an extended period of time during storage, it may seize. Place wheel chocks in lieu of the parking brake.
  7. Purchase moth balls and mouse traps. Mice love few things more than the taste of wires and hoses. Be sure to set up mouse traps around the garage and moth balls in the engine bay to keep the pests away from valuable components. Cleaning out the interior and removing all food scraps can also help keep the pests away. Place dryer sheets throughout the vehicle. If you want to go a step further, fill the exhaust tips and/or the intake with steel wool or a similar substance to prevent mice from climbing up through the open areas.
  8. Lubricate the doors and weatherstripping. Prior to storage, use a spray lubricant for all door latches, hinges, and locks. A light layer of grease on weatherstripping can keep it moist and prevent cracking. Close all windows. Contact Total Motor Werkes and we will let you know the most suitable products for lubrication.
  9. Grab a few boxes of baking soda. To keep the interior fresh, put open boxes of baking soda in the trunk and in the interior.
  10. Change your oil. For maximum engine protection, have your oil changed and your coolant inspected prior to storage.

Check back with us in the spring for tips for taking your car out of storage!

To make an appointment to have your oil changed and your vehicle inspected before storage, call us at 905-841-8948 or visit our Contact Us page.